Friday, September 27, 2013



I left for exams and i'm back for almost a week now and so much have happened!!I didn't pass 2 out of three subjects,but i really had fun when my boyfriend showed up for a day and a half..Now i'm still waiting for the third one but pretty sure i failed at that one 2!I don't seem to be able to finish my assignment in order to present it in front of three professors but i guess i still have time!

I've been searching for an afternoon job but it seems that even if everyone wants someone to hire,noone is hiring me!!These may sound awfully pessimistic but i'm not turning blue yet!I will be working at Cyta in the morning and getting paid 400 euros a month..That's still something!

Thank God my boyfriend is such a support..When aiming for a second job all i could hear is can't do it!He is the only one that understands how i feel and how stressed everything makes me!Sometimes i feel that we only talk about me!Not good i know!

My car has broken down again and dad says we'll propably sell it and buy another one!!Blue i said!I was goin for red but he won't accept it:PGo figure.

Also i've started Focus T25 of Shawn T.He's never let me down and i'msarting to feel the results.!Tomorrow is weighing day!Week 2 be afraid!!:PI'm tracking my results and will see how it goes!

So i'm thinking of starting a new blog.Short stories that i've come up with through the years.I've always wanted to do that but..Maybe i'm just crazy and off balance!

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