Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So today am writing the second chapter of the essay.Pages total = 100.Pages completed = 4!! Yes this is goin really well! So far so good though!

All i can think about is these days is my vacation trip on Saturday.I can't wait.I keep thinking that i will be away from home for a whole week,i'm gonna get super tanned - now or never - and we 're gonna have so much fun!!!The most important is that i will spent all these with my boyfriend.It seems i haven't seen him since..ever!!!It will be an opportunity to catch up!! Yes saturday is getting close:D:D

I haven't been to the gym for a week and a half.I'll start again from August 's 1st.But i don't miss it .I only miss the way my body felt after a training.It is too hot outside and i don't feel for it!I suppose is ok!I have lost 6 kilos so far and i feel good wearing my clothes!So it is ok!

Today i'm gonna make a sort of cake!!I was given the recipe two days ago and i'm trying it for the first time.Wish me luck!:D