Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First day @work today!! I aim to be one of those newyorkers that wake up, exercise and then go to work and do millions of things till late at night!!I may be copying and have to stop watching movies - a sweet boy might say - but today i realised that working out in the morning doesn't stress me as much as thinking that i have to work out the rest of the day.Hard to explain i know but this is how it is for me.If i don't do it early,then i get tired from everything and bored to do anything!So early in the morning till now...good!!!

Today i woke up at 05:00 started Focus T25 week 2 -a 25 minute program of Shawn T-,then got ready for work and  at 7:15 i was there.I wasn't anxious or anything and i met really helpful people that were nice to me.I had an office and o pc to work for two hours.Then i had the rest time off so i read my 'Broken' ebook. Thank God i had that with me or else i would be there for 2 hours with nothing to do!

After my hours were over i went to see my aunt.She brought me home and i slept for hours!!!Tomorrow i have an interview for working at a new place as an evening work. Let's see how that goes.. And last but not least i send a CV at a school for a receptionist opening.It is exactly what i'm searching for!!I hope i get called,it seems ideal!

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