Thursday, July 4, 2013


It's been a really long time since i last wrote and to be honest every time i tried to keep a diary..i was never able to write till the last page..I hated remembering all the things i wrote but when i read it - after couple of years - i was glad to be able to read these things that happened to me..They are still memories..

As you see i erased all the posts i posted since i started.That is because i decided to be a realist and a positive thinker!!Not that girl anymore..Even though i concider it a bad luck, i will say how wonderful my last  months have been.I don't remember all of it but everything was ok!!

I started reading a book,yes people do that we still exist us readers, it's called ''The monk who sold his Ferrari''and it's quite good actually!!I haven't read much but till now it talks about finding ur inner peace and accept yourself the way you see you and not the way others see you.If you are happy with yourself then you will be happy among others.There is no reason to be stressed or anxious and how inner calmness can make you look younger and peacefull. Yes it may sound full of shit but i think it is quite interesting.I think everyone should read it you never know.I will let you know when i am done!

So now i have to start working on my final presentation to get my degree at last.It is about an eshop - i can sell whatever i want to - and see how i can advertise something free of charge!i thought about making a wedding eshop but i'm not that excited!!!I'm sure i can think of something more exciting or interesting at least.We'll see how it goes.

That's all for today folks!!xxx