Tuesday, September 3, 2013

so..!!Long time no see...

I've been in my own world for a while and i guess i just got back to reality. Just yesterday i realised that i'm flying in a week to Greece.I will have to study and be examined for three of the most difficult subjects in Business Administration and i even though i know it is not that hard,i've coped with a lot more, i'm so anxious about getting over with it!! I really need everything to be perfect and these subjects to disappear forever!!

The best thing that will come from this trip is that i will be able to work for six months and as soon as i'm there i will search for a job abroad and see if there is a bigger payment there that Cyprus.If there is then...i'm off to..anywhere i guess. It will be a struggle at first but i believe i can manage six months anywhere!!!Will see..

I will be absent for two weeks this time.Not long but long enough if you are by yourself! Talking to a girlfriend of mine made me realize that i'm stronger that i think!She reminded me things i'been through and believe me i forgot there were so many!!!Yes if there was another chance given, no i wouldn't choose to do it all over again.It would be a different decision.Who knows, in another life maybe!

So these last few weeks i don't seem to be able to stop myself eating.It is unbelievable how many things a person wants to eat at the same time.But today i said no!!I'm dealing and there is no option!!I really need to get back on track and start eating right and going to the gym!

So that's about it!!xoxo

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