Friday, August 2, 2013

i just got back from my five-days vacation at Agia Napa.Things are wild over there:P I loved it!! I really needed to have that much fun.If i could i would stay for another week or so! Protaras is also a nice place for vacation but it's more for families or Cypriots! Agia Napa on the other hand..!!!Crazy! Yep!The definition of it!

We visited every beach that was near but we ended up revisiting for three more times Nissi Beach!! It's a different world over there! So many  tourists from all over the world!We spoke we some Russians and people from Israel! Everyone was so kind and well behaved!I really liked that. It was like being a tourist in my own country without anyone caring about what i'm wearing,what time of time and who i'm with!

Our friends came over for the 4 days that we stayed there and we really had a great time!Good friends are hard to find  and not often you find people you can actually cope with for even one day rather than four!