Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First day @work today!! I aim to be one of those newyorkers that wake up, exercise and then go to work and do millions of things till late at night!!I may be copying and have to stop watching movies - a sweet boy might say - but today i realised that working out in the morning doesn't stress me as much as thinking that i have to work out the rest of the day.Hard to explain i know but this is how it is for me.If i don't do it early,then i get tired from everything and bored to do anything!So early in the morning till now...good!!!

Today i woke up at 05:00 started Focus T25 week 2 -a 25 minute program of Shawn T-,then got ready for work and  at 7:15 i was there.I wasn't anxious or anything and i met really helpful people that were nice to me.I had an office and o pc to work for two hours.Then i had the rest time off so i read my 'Broken' ebook. Thank God i had that with me or else i would be there for 2 hours with nothing to do!

After my hours were over i went to see my aunt.She brought me home and i slept for hours!!!Tomorrow i have an interview for working at a new place as an evening work. Let's see how that goes.. And last but not least i send a CV at a school for a receptionist opening.It is exactly what i'm searching for!!I hope i get called,it seems ideal!

Friday, September 27, 2013



I left for exams and i'm back for almost a week now and so much have happened!!I didn't pass 2 out of three subjects,but i really had fun when my boyfriend showed up for a day and a half..Now i'm still waiting for the third one but pretty sure i failed at that one 2!I don't seem to be able to finish my assignment in order to present it in front of three professors but i guess i still have time!

I've been searching for an afternoon job but it seems that even if everyone wants someone to hire,noone is hiring me!!These may sound awfully pessimistic but i'm not turning blue yet!I will be working at Cyta in the morning and getting paid 400 euros a month..That's still something!

Thank God my boyfriend is such a support..When aiming for a second job all i could hear is can't do it!He is the only one that understands how i feel and how stressed everything makes me!Sometimes i feel that we only talk about me!Not good i know!

My car has broken down again and dad says we'll propably sell it and buy another one!!Blue i said!I was goin for red but he won't accept it:PGo figure.

Also i've started Focus T25 of Shawn T.He's never let me down and i'msarting to feel the results.!Tomorrow is weighing day!Week 2 be afraid!!:PI'm tracking my results and will see how it goes!

So i'm thinking of starting a new blog.Short stories that i've come up with through the years.I've always wanted to do that but..Maybe i'm just crazy and off balance!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

so..!!Long time no see...

I've been in my own world for a while and i guess i just got back to reality. Just yesterday i realised that i'm flying in a week to Greece.I will have to study and be examined for three of the most difficult subjects in Business Administration and i even though i know it is not that hard,i've coped with a lot more, i'm so anxious about getting over with it!! I really need everything to be perfect and these subjects to disappear forever!!

The best thing that will come from this trip is that i will be able to work for six months and as soon as i'm there i will search for a job abroad and see if there is a bigger payment there that Cyprus.If there is then...i'm off to..anywhere i guess. It will be a struggle at first but i believe i can manage six months anywhere!!!Will see..

I will be absent for two weeks this time.Not long but long enough if you are by yourself! Talking to a girlfriend of mine made me realize that i'm stronger that i think!She reminded me things i'been through and believe me i forgot there were so many!!!Yes if there was another chance given, no i wouldn't choose to do it all over again.It would be a different decision.Who knows, in another life maybe!

So these last few weeks i don't seem to be able to stop myself eating.It is unbelievable how many things a person wants to eat at the same time.But today i said no!!I'm dealing and there is no option!!I really need to get back on track and start eating right and going to the gym!

So that's about it!!xoxo

Friday, August 2, 2013

i just got back from my five-days vacation at Agia Napa.Things are wild over there:P I loved it!! I really needed to have that much fun.If i could i would stay for another week or so! Protaras is also a nice place for vacation but it's more for families or Cypriots! Agia Napa on the other hand..!!!Crazy! Yep!The definition of it!

We visited every beach that was near but we ended up revisiting for three more times Nissi Beach!! It's a different world over there! So many  tourists from all over the world!We spoke we some Russians and people from Israel! Everyone was so kind and well behaved!I really liked that. It was like being a tourist in my own country without anyone caring about what i'm wearing,what time of time and who i'm with!

Our friends came over for the 4 days that we stayed there and we really had a great time!Good friends are hard to find  and not often you find people you can actually cope with for even one day rather than four!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So today am writing the second chapter of the essay.Pages total = 100.Pages completed = 4!! Yes this is goin really well! So far so good though!

All i can think about is these days is my vacation trip on Saturday.I can't wait.I keep thinking that i will be away from home for a whole week,i'm gonna get super tanned - now or never - and we 're gonna have so much fun!!!The most important is that i will spent all these with my boyfriend.It seems i haven't seen him since..ever!!!It will be an opportunity to catch up!! Yes saturday is getting close:D:D

I haven't been to the gym for a week and a half.I'll start again from August 's 1st.But i don't miss it .I only miss the way my body felt after a training.It is too hot outside and i don't feel for it!I suppose is ok!I have lost 6 kilos so far and i feel good wearing my clothes!So it is ok!

Today i'm gonna make a sort of cake!!I was given the recipe two days ago and i'm trying it for the first time.Wish me luck!:D 

Friday, July 19, 2013

I was dreaming of Jerusalem last night..It's been 2-3 years since i last went and i miss travelling there every Easter.I was dreaming of being with my friends who live there,walking through the stone-built streets at night,laughing and having fun.Walking by welcoming people,everyone smiling at you,making you feel you actually belong there,one of them just by looking at you..

My mother and I used to go there every Easter.It is one of the biggest celebrations of Christianism.This year i didn't get to go though i really wanted to.It is a big change of everyday routine.A whole different world.But to be real after two weeks you start missing home.I don't think that i could live there permanently or more than one month.It just is so different over there from what i'm used to living in Cyprus.Things are simple,people are simple.